Genesis 20:1-18

Here a longer portion of text is taken since it is a complete account. Each point therefore covers several verses and gives a bare outline. Note that the context refers back to Genesis chapters 15-18 rather than the previous passage.

Gen 20:1-18

God Keeps Sarah Pure


  1. Abraham lies about Sarah being his wife and Abimelech marries her.
  2. God keeps Abimelech from touching her, and reveals to him that she is already married.
  3. Abimelech confronts  Abraham who says he was afraid.
  4. Sarah is restored to Abraham with many gifts.
  5. God hears Abraham’s prayer for blessing on Abimelech.


God had promised that the Saviour of mankind would come through Sarah. Satan would have thwarted this plan if Sarah had children by  Abimelech.


God’s plan of salvation will triumph over all obstacles and is not dependent on men for success.


What a wonderful comfort it is to know that my salvation does not depend on my own works but is secure in God’s purposes.