Ephesians 1:1-14

Sometimes the passage will not easily divide into four or five sections, and so you must be flexible. The following example illustrates this.

Note also that there may be more than one message in a passage, and a vast number of applications.

Eph. 1:1-14

Blessings in Christ


  1. We are blessed with every spiritual blessing, in the heavenly places, in Christ.
  2. Chosen in him to be holy, predestined by him to the praise of his grace, redeemed in him according to riches of his grace, told mystery of his will, in him all will be united, made heirs in him for the praise of his glory, having trusted in him, sealed in him by Holy Spirit, to praise of his glory.


This passage fits in with the message of Ephesians which is about God’s great purpose and goal for the church through Jesus Christ.


All our blessings come through being joined to Christ and have a purpose—that we should bring praise and glory to God.


I must be more conscious that I am nothing and have nothing in myself, but because I am joined to Christ I have tremendous blessing.