Psalm 79

Note: This psalm is not an easy one because of the curses hurled at God’s enemies. It is not necessary to fully understand this in order to learn from the psalm. Also note that because it is a psalm, the context of the previous psalm is not necessarily relevant, so the historical context is given instead, if it can be determined.

Ps. 79

God’s people cry to him


  1. The nations have come into Jerusalem, defiled temple, and made God’s people a laughing stock.
  2. How long will you be angry with your own people?
  3. Be merciful to us and forgive us for our sins, for the sake of your name; so that the nations will not question your name.
  4. Hear the groaning of your people and return vengeance on your enemies.
  5. We are your people, your sheep. We will thank and praise you forever.


After the destruction of Jerusalem.


Even in a terrible situation, God’s people  can have confidence in him because he is a God who takes care of his own people.


My present difficulties should lead me to praise God, as in v. 13 because I know he looks after his people.