Matthew 5:13-16

(Note that a short passage is chosen here because it forms a natural section.)

Matt 5:13-16

Salt and Light


  1. The disciples are the salt of the earth which is useless if it has no flavour.
  2. They are the light of the world which cannot be hidden any more than a city on a hill can be.
  3. A lamp in a house is always put where it gives light.
  4. So must the light of your good works shine, to God’s glory.


The previous verses (the beatitudes) describe the character of a Christian, so this must be what is meant by the good works in v. 16


The disciples were to be like salt and light in their witness to the world, so that men glorify God when they see them.


I ought to make it more obvious at work that I’m a Christian, by showing the character of Christ better in my life.