Section 3: "They’re forced to flee" [6:8]

Review of Outline of Acts

  • Is the Holy Spirit happy to leave them growing and prospering contentedly in Jerusalem?

A. Stephen

  • 6:8 What was the result of laying hands on Stephen?
  • 6:10 What was this gift
  • 7:1-53 Is this a pointless meander through history?
  • Show video clip [7:51-8:3]

B. Philip

  • 8:4 What was the result of laying hands on Philip?
  • Show video clip [8:4-40]
  • 8:15-16 What do you make of these verses?
    • How come they didn’t receive the Holy Spirit
    • Was the wrong “formula” spoken at their baptism?
    • Was Philip not “powerful” enough?
  • 8:27 What is the significance of him being a Eunuch?
    • Deut 23:1
    • What can we learn from this about the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant?
    • He would not have even been able to go into the temple when he visited Jerusalem
    • He is so hungry for God, that he still goes to Jerusalem, and reads what he can’t understand
      • Why? -The Spirit is drawing him in
  • 8:39 What happened to Philip?
    • Happened once earlier to the disciples, can you remember when?
    • John 6:18-21

C. Saul

  • Show video clip [9:1-31]
  • 9:3-7 What was the manifestation of God’s presence?
  • 9:18 What was the manifestation of receiving the Spirit?
    • Why did he not have a flame of fire or speak in tongues?
    • Difference between Classical Penetcostal and Vineyard positions

Response time

  • Have you ever had stuff in your life that seemed bad at the time, but God was moving you out of your comfort zone?
  • Who is the biggest enemy of the kingdom right now?
    • pray for them to be saved
  • Who do you know who seems least “likely” to be saved?
    • pray for them now