Section 2: "They start to Do" [3]

Review of Outline of Acts

  • Show video clip [3:1-4:31]
  • 3:1-10 Miracles and evangelism—what is the relationship?
  • 3:11-26 Second recorded message of Peter
    • almost the same as the first, but uses the testimony of healing, rather than speaking in tongues
    • the offer of forgiveness and blessing (v.19,20) is amazing given what they did to the Son of God
  • 4:7 Direct fulfillment of Jesus’ promise in Luke 12:11-12
    • notice the response (v.13)
    • were they right that the explanation was that they had been with Jesus?
    • This gift was evident in Jesus’ life when he was under pressure
    • Has it ever happened to you?
    • Should we prepare for preaching, or let the Holy Spirit lead us?
    • My experience of preaching in the last few years
      • example of witness to Muslim student
  • 4:25,26 Psalm 2 —total sovereignty of God
    • v.28 God has already decided the limits to their power
    • Amazing prayer
      1. for boldness
      2. signs and wonders
  • 4:31 “Re-Filling”
    • Are we filled once and for all?
    • Ed Piorek: stand every day with Jesus in the Jordan
  • 4:32 Should we have all things in common, and no private possessions?
  • 5:1-11 Ananias & Sapphira
  • 5:19 Why does he sometimes rescue them and sometimes not?
  • 5:19 Basically the same outline message for the fourth time
  • 5:41 Wow!
  • 6:1-6 Were they deacons?
    • Word diakonos is used in 6:2
    • But this means little, since it is such a common word
    • Luke makes no suggestion that they are deacons
    • Looks more like an example of the church being flexible and adapting to a need
    • note how they are chosen:
      • involvement of congregation (but not in other examples in Acts)
      • they had relationship with the men and knew them well
      • laying on of hands (why?)
  • 6:4 What exactly were the leaders devoting themselves to?

Response time

  • Do you really want more of God’s presence?
  • Let’s pray the prayer of 4:29,30 and ask for:
    • boldness
    • to be filled with the Spirit
    • supernatural wisdom and words when speaking the gospel to people
    • God to use signs and wonders to bring people to Christ