The History of Israel as a Prophetic Sequence Reflected in Revelation

  1. Pharoah tries to kill the male children
  2. As the Israelites escape from Egypt and are chased, water blocks them. God dries up the water and they are safe in the wilderness
  3. Jesus Christ appears as their King, carrying a sword (to Joshua)
  4. They go through a long period of wars/famines/oppression during the time of the Judges
  5. This comes to a climax in the oppression of the Philistines, and many Israelites falling back into heathen practices
  6. The people want a leader, and Saul, the “anti-David” is crowned King
  7. Saul turns out to be demonized and persecutes David and his followers
  8. David is finally crowned king and brings victory over all the nations
  9. He brings the nation into rest and establishes the kingdom
  10. Jerusalem is established as the place of God’s presence
  11. Finally a glorious temple is built, full of gold and precious stones
  • The following are parallel images found in Revelation, but not in exact time sequence:
    1. Plagues on the Egyptians that didn’t touch the people of God
      • Purpose was that Egyptians should repent, but most of them didn’t (some did and joined God’s people)
      • The mark (seal) on the homes of believers protected them from the Angel who brought death
    2. Armageddon (Megiddo) — The great battle when the kings gathered against the people of God in the time of the judges Deborah & Barak [Judges 5]:
      1. Kings came, they fought; the kings of Canaan fought,
        at Taanach by the waters of Megiddo, but they took no silver as plunder.

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