Part 4b - Epilogue [22:6-21]

note: these are very brief notes


  • Jesus is coming soon—so take this seriously!!!
  • there is an invitation for whoever wants to come and take the water of life freely

Some Problems in understanding Revelation

  • Revelation seems so dark compared to other parts of the NT: Jesus and the kingdom and Paul’s teaching on the end times
    • Revelation is not a balanced view of the future. It is presenting the military side. We must take it with other parts of Scripture, e.g. Ephesians’ teaching that the church will come into maturity
  • What about all the bloodshed?
  • Why is there no evangelism?
    • there are hints of evangelism in Revelation e.g. people giving glory to God—something people never are said to do involuntarily
    • in spiritual warfare, people get saved, not killed!
    • chapter [11:15]—it is the evil rulers who are destroyed, but maybe lots of people who followed them will be saved
  • We are told just to endure, to hang on. Is this all we will be doing?
    • We are part of Christ’s army. this means we will fight (spiritually) and have victories!
  • What about transforming our culture. Should we even try?
    • yes!


  • Praise God for the amazing and extraordinary future we have and destiny we are called into
  • Pray that the power of the Spirit in us will give us strength to endure the persecution and be victorious as we join Jesus in smashing the strongholds of Satan

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