Grappling with the Truth

Index of full notes

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Session 1 (Nov 20th 9:45am) The Church and the New Creation

The New Creation

  1. The Big Picture
  2. Two kinds of stuff Jesus and us in 1 Cor 15

Union with Christ (how we become part of it)

  1. Union with Christ Eph 2:1–10

The Church

  1. The Church as the New Creation Eph 2:11–22
  2. What is “Church”

Session 2 (Nov 20th 11:15am) Grappling with the Truth

  1. The New Creation is in Jesus
  2. Love—Our New Identity
  3. Loving One Another
  4. Everyone’s gifts working together in love

Session 3 (Nov 21 9:45am) The Bible: Authority, Infallibility, Canon

  1. The Bible: Introduction
  2. The Bible: That we mean by authority
  3. The Canon: Which books are part of the Bible?
  4. Inerrancy: are there mistakes?
  5. Why translations differ

Session 4 (Nov 21 11:15am) Return of Jesus

  1. Introduction to Revelation
  2. Putting Scriptures together
  3. The Age to Come:What we know and what we don’t
  4. Sequence of events in Revelation