Introduction to Revelation

Overview of the structure

The Four Approaches to Interpretation of Revelation

  1. Preterist
  2. Historicist
  3. Futurist (Dispensational)
  4. Idealist

Good Principles for Interpreting the Book

  1. Allow the simple and straightforward parts of Scripture to interpret the complex and difficult
  2. Understand the language of symbols from other similar literature in the Bible

The language of Symbols

Analysis of the Structure of the book

  1. All in sequence:
  2. All in parallel:
Christ’s first coming —1—
  1. Some combination, e.g. telescope all of 2 inside the last 7th of 1
  2. We are going to see four parts to the book:
Vision Division of Book
—1— Part 1. Letters to the Seven Churches [1-3]
Part 2. The First Scroll: The Seven Seals and the Seven Trumpets [4-11]
Part 3. The Second Scroll: Warfare (Seven Visions, Seven Plagues and Seven Visions of Victory) [12-19]
—7— Part 4. The Second Scroll: The End of the Age and the New Creation [20-22]

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