Assignment 2 - Larger Context

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Please add this assignment onto the end of the first assignment, so they are both in one document. Then I can see all your work together.

Part 2: Larger Context (Background and Purpose of Book)

2.1 Outline of book

You can develop an outline yourself, or copy one from a source such as a study bible or the internet, such as at the location mentioned below. If it is not yours then credit your source. The outline must fit on one page!

2.2 Occasion (circumstances) of writing

A paragraph that describes the situation surrounding the writing of the book, and the events that caused it to be written. (The external context.) You will probably want to consult a study bible, commentary or bible dictionary for this information, but put the paragraph in your own words. One of the best sources on the internet is, and they have introductions to all the New Testament books here at: A shorter introduction can be found in eSword in the ISBE dictionary.

Please footnote all sources used.

2.3 Purpose of the book

One or two paragraphs that explain what the author seems to be aiming to accomplish with the book. They may be seeking to prove or establish something, to influence the readers in some way, etc. Again, you may want to consult sources, but use your own words and footnote sources.

2.4 Purpose for this passage within the book

This is the most important part of this assignment. You should attempt to do this first without any help from sources such as commentaries (and even if you look at them you might not find them very helpful). Understanding how the passage functions as part of the overall purpose for the book is key to understanding what is going on within the passage. Ask yourself why the author has included this passage in the book?

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