Suggested Procedure for doing a Bible Study

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and to prepare your heart to be open and obedient
    • Keep on doing this as you are studying
  2. Decide on your main study version (best to use a fairly literal one like ESV, NKJ, NASB, NET)
    • Ideally, print out the passage or book, with plenty of space to write
    • Keep reading it through, highlighting and writing notes on it.
    • Find the divisions, how the book breaks down into sections
    • Do word studies wherever it could help
    • Be sure to read it in another translation
      • It is not a bad idea to use a paraphrase like The Message
  3. The Message
    • Figure out the line of reasoning
    • Be honest with the things you don’t understand
    • Major on the majors: Ask what the main theme (or themes) is.
    • At this point, look at what other people have learned, e.g.
      • NIV Study Bible (excellent for explaining difficulties in the text)
      • commentaries on eSword
      • other commentaries (e.g. Expositor’s Bible Commentary)
  4. Spend time soaking, asking for the Spirit to show you how to apply it
    • Apply it seriously to your life and live it!!