Assignment 3 - The Message

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Please add this assignment onto the end of the other two assignments, so all three are in one document. Then I can see all your work together.

Part 3: The Message

3.1 Statement of the basic steps of reasoning within the passage

In brief point form, list the steps of reasoning the author uses to accomplish his purpose. (Do not do the same as in step 3.3)

3.2 Which covenant period is the passage under?

  • e.g. pre-Abraham / Abraham / Moses (Law) / N.T. before Pentecost / New Covenant

3.3 Verse by verse explanation/interpretation

For each verse in your passage, write a brief explanation. Sometimes you may prefer to take a couple of verses together. If a verse is particularly important, then write more about it. To help you understand the meaning, you may wish to:

  • Use Biblical Theology (e.g. compare with parallel passages)
  • Use Systematic Theology (e.g. similar or contrasting teachings in Scripture)
  • Point out any quotations of the Old Testament in the New
  • Discuss alternative interpretations and give your preferred interpretation

3.4 Conclusions regarding the teachings of the passage

Summarize one or two central points that the author is making. These must be points that the author is setting out to make, (not teachings that you might be able to infer from the passage but are really derived from another part of Scripture).

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