Frameworks for Understanding the Scriptures

There are five common ways of relating together the Old and New Testaments:

  1. Reformed Covenant Theology: The N.C. is an administration of the Old (infant baptism)
  2. Dispensationalism: History is divided into seven dispensations. The O.C. is now abrogated (or suspended) (beleivers’ baptism)
  3. New-Covenant Theology (beleivers’ baptism): The relationship between the O.C. and the N.C. is not flat, but typological. (beleivers’ baptism) The movement is
    • promise → fulfullment
    • shadow → reality
    • type → antitype
    • flesh → spirit
    • external written code → Jesus Christ (indwelling)
  4. No coherent framework: free to apply texts with no regard to historical epoch (most untrained evangelicals/charismatics)
  5. Modern-critical: no relationship between the Old and the New is necessary



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