Walking With God

There are other reasons why many of us fail to be faithful in our times with the Lord. One of the most common is a wrong idea of the place of Bible reading and prayer in our lives. Many of us look upon them as a kind of spiritual hygiene--things that need to be done for the health of our souls, much in the same way that we care for our bodies by cleaning our teeth and washing. Once they are done they are finished with for the day and we can get down to the real business of living.

Now that is a completely wrong attitude. We are missing out on so much if we content ourselves with a few minutes of God each day and then forget him for the rest of it. We are supposed to walk with God as Enoch did (Gen 5:24). Most people are involved in activities during the day that require them to concentrate, and so it is impossible to be thinking of God all the time. How then can we spend the day walking with him?

It is a great help to remember that God is watching us. This means that he sees us at our work, recreation, social gatherings and in our families. If only we could remember that he never forgets about us or stops loving us, even for a moment, and that his ears are always open to our quickest prayers, it would help us to live conscious of his presence. This has been called "practising the presence of God"

Then, if we also remember that God is with us, this would help us to seek him continually. We would look to him as troubles arise; we would ask for his help when we need it; we would rejoice when we receive blessings. In short, we would act just as though he were an ever present friend. It takes a conscious effort at first to remember this, but if we regularly spend time with God’s Word every day, and start the day with prayer, we will begin to find it becomes almost second nature to be aware of his presence.