Two Errors Regarding Repentance
There are two common errors regarding repentance, both of which I believe are quite dangerous. This article describes these errors and does a study on the use of the word in the Old and New Testaments Read

What it means to live under the New Covenant
Jesus tells us we are living under a New Covenant. This has some radical and practical implications for our daily lives that we can easily miss. Many Christians do not have clarity in this area which can lead to making poor choices in their lives Read

The Holy Spirit and Hermeneutics (pdf)
Hermeneutics is the name given to the subject of how we interpret the Scriptures. Since the Scriptures are the foundation for our theology, nothing can be as important as having the right rules for interpretation, because an error here will distort our entire theology. It is astonishing to discover that most books on hermeneutics give very little, if any space to the topic of the role of the Holy Spirit. Read pdf
This paper was first published in Acorns to Oaks: The Primacy and Practice of Biblical Theology: A Festschrift for Dr. Geoff Adams, ed Michael A. G. Haykin (Hamilton: Joshua Press, 2003)

Daily Bible Reading
A daily quiet time with God when you feed on his word is an important part of growth and knowing God. However, the "how-tos" of this can be a struggle for many people. This article is designed to offer you practical help in the area of daily Bible reading. Read

Loving One Another
One thing alone is the unique evidence of whether we are truly Christians, and what it is may be a surprise! Read

Eating Christ's Flesh and Drinking His Blood
What did Jesus mean when he made this radical statement? What does it mean to completely depend on him for everything? Read

Following Jesus: The Cost of Love
How can we have the power to bear fruit in our Christian life? Jesus said, "Without Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5b). Read

New Life in the Spirit
What is new about the work of the Spirit in the New Covenant? How does the Spirit regenerate and indwell the believer? What are the gifts of the Spirit? Read

Gospel Preaching in Acts
What was the content of the good news the apostles preached about Jesus? A systematic study and comparison of the gospel messages in the book of Acts. Read

How Old Testament Saints Were Saved
How exactly were Old Testament believers saved before they knew about the death of Christ? What did faith mean for them then compared with for us now? Read

God's Words and His Works (Series)
How do God's words (the Bible) and his works (creation, providence) relate to one another? What about when we struggle with apparent contradictions between what God promises in his word and the events of our lives? This series seeks to find some answers to these questions. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Training Leaders for the Kingdom of God
The vital importance of sound scriptural training for those who are called into fulltime ministry. Read

Psalm 123: Exegetical Paper
An exegetical study of this simple, beautiful psalm. Read

Let Conscience Speak by David G. Fountain
This is one of the best studies available of the Biblical teaching on the conscience. Read

The Spirit of Love, Truth and Power
Verses that describe the work of the Holy Spirit in three categores: he is the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Power. Read