How to do a word study with eSword

  • You can download eSword for free from
    • don’t forget to load up with some Bibles (I recommend the ESV and NET bibles as well as The Message)
    • get some commentaries and dictionaries as well

1. How to do a Greek word study without knowing any Greek

  • Find the verse in the KJV+ translation (e.g. 1 Cor 12:8 —knowledge)
    • Note that the KJV+ translation is one of the few that contain “Strong’s Numbers” which are the key to using Greek tools without having to know any Greek.
    • All Greek words have been assigned a number which can be used to look them up or search for them
  • right click on the “Strong’s number” (in this case interpretation G1108) and chose “quicksearch” -> New Testament
    • This will give you a list of all the verses in the N.T. that contain that same Greek word
  • Click on the small maroon Bible-icon to save results in a “search list”
  • eSword suggests a name for the search (such as G’1108’ search results).
    • Add the word to make it easier to remember (e.g. knowledge ‘G1108’ search results)
    • press [OK] and [Cancel] to close the search
  • switch to your version of preference (such as the ESV)
  • press the maroon Bible-icon at the top of the screen
    • select your verse list from the drop-down
  • Now you can either
    • look at the verses one at a time on the screen
    • press the print icon to print them
    • or the copy button copy buttonto the left of the list to paste them into your word-processor

2. How to see all the different Greek words for which we use the same English word

  • Once again you have to start with the KJV+ (with Strong’s numbers)
  • search for the word you are interested in (e.g.“perfect”) and check the (o) New Testement only
    • there should be over 40 found, e.g:
Verse Numerical Code
Matthew 5:48 5046
Luke 1:3 199*
Luke 6:40 2675*

  • How many different Greek words have been translated “perfect” in the King James Version of the New Testament?
    • e.g.:
Verse Numerical Code Transliterated Word and Meaning
Luke 6:40 2675 katartizo - to complete thoroughly, i.e. repair (lit. or fig.) or adjust
Acts 3:16 3647 holokleria - integrity, i.e. physical wholeness
  • See example of a word study
    • work through Ephesians example
  • A word study of the word behind “burden” in Matt 11:30 is very helpful
  • Response: Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who you need to “bear with”!

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