The Two Realities

  The world around us True reality
Wealth: money, clothes, cars, possessions streets of gold, a lasting crown, treasure in heaven
Achievement: academic success, honour, respect, business success eternal glory, building the Kingdom of God, Jesus saying “Well done!”
Love: romance, relationships, a happy family “Married” to Christ as his bride, the deepest love we could ever know, the new family of his people
Security: health, financial stability, lots of savings for retirement chosen and loved by God, his presence and protection every moment of our lives, he’s preparing a place for us for eternity
Peace: can never reach perfection, guilty feelings, always making mistakes and messing up forgiveness, perfect in Christ, given the gift of a spotless robe
Performance: keep trying harder, we are never good enough rest in Jesus

Updated on 2010-05-16 by Andrew Fountain