Outline of Hebrews 7-10

6:19-20 Taster (at end of previous section/sermon)

7:1-28 The New Priesthood


  • There are two orders (or systems) of priesthood: the Levitical and the little-known order of Melchizedek.
  • If you believe that the Old Covenant priesthood was the ultimate priesthood then you have a problem with Melchizedek
  • He was a priest, and had more honour than the Levitical priesthood.


  • Why was a new priest prophesied (Ps.110) if the old was satisfactory?
  • Jesus was not under the Levitical order for two reasons:
    1. the prophecy in Ps.110
    2. he was from the tribe of Judah, not Levi
  • But this is right outside the scope of the law of Moses, so an entirely different legal structure must be in effect


  • Another reason for setting aside the old law is that “it is weak and useless” —it has no power to produce change
  • Now there is a better hope for drawing near to God
  • Jesus is the guarantee and is better that the Levites because:
    1. He does not die, and so he always lives to intercede for us
    2. He does not need to sacrifice for himself before he sacrifices for us



  • Priests appointed by the law — weakness
  • Priest appointed by Ps.110 (after the law) — a son, perfect, forever

8:1-9:24 The New Tabernacle & New Covenant



  • We have Jesus, a priest in the true sanctuary in heaven
  • Priests have to offer gifts and sacrifices



  • Jesus wouldn’t be allowed to serve in the old sanctuary because the Old Covenant stipulates Levites
    • (by implication he needs a new sanctuary and a new covenant)
    • The Old is a sketch of the heavenly reality



  • This New Covenant is far better because it has much better promises
  • God prophesied in Jeremiah 31:31-34 that there would be a new covenant coming that would not be like the old
  • This means the old is flawed (or it wouldn’t need replacing) and is now obsolete and about to disappear



  • A walk towards God in the old tabernacle
    • outer tent (holy place):
      • lampstand, table, bread
    • past the curtain into the inner (holy of holies):
      • golden altar, ark covered in gold containing the stone tablets
      • above the ark, the cherebim and glory of God’s presence
  • The priests normally only entered the outer tent
    • Once a year only, the high priest entered through the curtain to the holy of holies
  • All this made it clear that this was an unsatisfactory and temporary arrangement until the new order came



  • In contrast Jesus walks straight through the holy place, into the holy of holies
  • How much better is the sacrifice that he can offer, once and for all, in the real sanctuary



  • He brings us a New Covenant
  • That brings us an eternal inheritance
  • and that frees us from the old law



  • Inferiority of old sanctuary compared with new sanctuary which is God’s very presence
    • The Old is a sketch of the heavenly reality
    • Christ enters the heavenly reality itself!
  • He is now in God’s very presence for us

9:25-10:18 The new sacrifice

10:19-25 Summary: