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  • Andrew Fountain — May 10th, 2011

Many people are discouraged by Hebrews

Introduction to Hebrews

  • Many people are discouraged by Hebrews
  • “Paul’s Epistle to the Hebrews” ?
  • That title was given 100’s of years after it was written
  • As we shall see, it’s not written by Paul, it’s not an Epistle and it’s not to the Hebrews!


  • Ultimately unknown
  • not stated in letter
  • early on in History, some stated it was Paul —probably because they believed an apostle had to have written it for it to be in Scripture (but Mark, Luke...)
  • Cannot be Paul or Scripture would contradict itself
    • [Heb 2:3] compared with [Gal 1:11-12]
  • The big question is Why it is anonymous


  • It must have been before 70AD when the temple was destroyed or he could hardly have failed to mention that!
  • We cannot be more precise
  • Place
  • 13:24 is totally ambiguous—those originally “from” Italy, living elsewhere, or the greeting could be “from Italy”.


  • Must be Greek-speaking because of the complexity of the language (High-Greek)
  • The term “Hebrews” was reserved for Jews still living in Palestine, who wouldn’t have Greek as a first language
  • Some suggest it could be Jewish converts who were tempted to return to Judaism
  • But there is actually no reason to restrict it to Jews
  • So it could have been to any church in Greek speaking world (most of the Roman Empire)


  • Not an Epistle (letter)
  • Most people suggest it was a sermon that was later written down
  • My theory...



  • Three sermons
  • At the conclusion of most of the parts, he announces the next section
  • “Inclusio”
  1. Overall structure
  2. At the conclusion of most of the parts, he announces the next section
  3. “Inclusio”
  4. repeated similar theme words — Example of alliteration

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