2. Background to the Psalms

A. Authorship: The King & The Priests

B. Theological

C. Historical

  1. Burnt Offering: Totally burned—all goes up in smoke. Demonstrates total commitment to God
    • Lev 1: burned offering, an animal, or Lev 2 grain if you are a grain farmer
  2. Partially sacrificed to God. Really a communal meal.
    • The priest ate his part, the offerer his/her part & God’s part was burned.
    • These were offered for three reasons (Lev 7:11-12, 16)
      1. Thanksgiving. (No concept of private thanksgiving in the O.T.)
        • You offered a sacrifice and a song.
      2. Vow answered by God
      3. Voluntary, freewill offering—just to express your love for God